Friday, April 11, 2014

Angelica Zambrano: 80% of Christians Are Not Ready for His Return and Risk Being Left Behind During the Rapture

Angelica Zambrano, is a young Ecuadorian lady, who has received revelations of heaven and hell, after periods of prayer and fasting. To date, Zambrano has had three experiences of seeing heaven and hell, and she shares her third experience in the video below. In the video, Zambrano warns that 80% of Christians will be left behind during the rapture.
From a heavenly viewpoint an angel said, “Look, you are seeing the earth. Look at the churches and congregations of the earth. This church has 20,000 members. There is another church with 10,000 members. This other church has 1,000. But, there are very few people in these churches that are actually the true church. Are you seeing?”  
“Yes,” I answered. The angel said, “I must tell you what my Father wants me to tell you.” The archangel Michael was the one speaking to me. Michael said, “Look at the earth. The churches are filled with sin. There is very much sin in the churches. Many of the people are spiritually dead”. I was shown that 80% of the evangelical Christian church on earth will be left behind. 
My God! They will be left behind because they are cold. Because they don’t seek God’s presence. Because of their sin. Because they are discouraged. Only 20% will be caught up to be with Jesus, this is only for true Christians. This why His Word says, “Many are called, but few are chosen.” (Matt 22:14) We are all called, but we not only must be called, we must also be chosen. 
Let me explain what takes place inside many of the churches. There is very much religiosity. There is no loyalty to the Word of God. Inside church, brothers and sisters happily praise the Lord. They rejoice, they dance, and they speak in tongues. But when they get home they are completely different. They act like the devil himself. This is what takes place. People go home and speak things that hurt God’s heart. At home you don’t pray, read God’s Word or seek His presence. God does not want any of us to be left behind. It hurts me that 80% of church congregants are not ready for the Lord’s return. Do you know why? Because few of the churches truly demonstrate the true love of Jesus. 
There were angels around when Jesus spoke to me. The angels were silent, the Lord said, “Daughter, my heart breaks to see how many people are discouraged, to see how many people have backslid. Tell my people to return to ancient paths, to the first love”. 
All of us have been seeking God diligently during this 21 day fast. After this we can’t look back at the past. We must press forward. The Lord promised us in His Word, He will be with us. Don’t worry about the trials to come in the future. You can’t imagine the trials. I have endured. Actually, all of us endured together. Although I don’t know your trial, it doesn’t really matter. We must press forward because only the courageous will enter in His presence. Church, when you return to your congregations you must encourage the brethren. We are one family in Christ. You must encourage them to seek God. Tell them to seek God. Reject hypocrisy. 
Listen to what the Lord told me. He said. “Do you know which commandment my church has forgotten? Some think it is love. Others think its faith. The forgotten commandment within the church is holiness. My Word says, be holy for I am holy”. 
This is what the Lord said. We have to be holy inside and outside. We must have a pure heart, a clean heart that is filled with His presence. A heart filled with His love. A heart filled with God.


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