Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Reverend Kiwong Lee: During the Rapture, God Will Individually Judge Every Christian, and Those Who Do Not Have Pure Hearts and Minds Will be Left Behind

Reverend Kiwoong Lee was a successful businessman in South Korea, and was also involved in the political scence. Before becoming a Christian, Lee was a Confucian who hated Christians, and had abused his political power to close down 3 churches in South Korea. Lee had also been physically abusive towards his wife, and had even abused her until she was in critical condition.

Lee’s life started to change for the better after a supernatural experience. By God’s grace, Lee has had an out-of-body experience to visit heaven, and also has had visions of the Millennial Kingdom and of the rapture.

In the video link below, Lee shares the vision he received concerning the rapture, and warns that God will judge every Christian individually during the rapture. An edited transcript of the video can also be found below:
One day, in a vision, I saw a huge square, wide enough to accommodate hundreds of thousands of people.

Many people were entering this square after those who were holding pickets like this (in groups).

The representatives of each group were entering with pickets in their hands, and the numbers of people following the representatives in each group were all different – big or small.

A huge number of people were gathering at the square.

All people who gathered there lined up after each representative who was holding a picket.

Then, I heard a sound of gentle praise from high up in the sky.

When I looked up the sky, I saw the doors of the sky open and a precious flower palanquin, decorated with gems, descending from heaven.

The flower palanquin, where a nobleman was riding, began to come down slowly toward the square to the sound of heavenly praise.

However, it came down in a zigzag manner to the central square (where many people had gathered) rather than coming straight down (that is, from top to bottom).

As I was wondering, “What is this? What event is this on earth?”, the very noble man got down from the flower palanquin.

As soon as he got down, some image which looked like a flock of geese descended in a single line, with the sound of heavenly praise.

At first I thought it might be a flock of geese, but I realised it was the image of angels, as it was drawing closer.

The angels came down to the sound of heavenly praise and stood across from the persons holding pickets, just one angel in each line.

I also was holding a picket in the square with many people lined up after me.

The angels came down (just like falling from the sky) and stood in front of each line; one angel in each line.

Jesus, who got down from the palanquin, started to command something to the angels.

Just then, the angels looked at the persons holding pickets.

Well, who do you think the persons holding pickets are? [Audience: Pastors!]

They are guiders, in other words, pastors.

When the angel standing across from me looked at my head, a big screen appeared suddenly in front of me.

When the eyes of the angel looked at my heart, the screen showed what I was thinking; everything in my mind, as it was.

When an angel looked at someone, a pig appeared on the screen. What does the pig mean? It means ‘greed’.

The angels checked all the saints standing in each line, one by one.

From some people, a peacock appeared on the screen. At first I didn’t understand what it means, but later, I realised it means arrogance (pride).

A snake-like image appeared on the screen from some people; other images from other people; and the unspeakable variety of images appeared on the screen like this.

When an angel looked at someone, a dead person appeared on the screen. I was wondering what it meant; I finally realised it means faith without deeds. As you know, faith without deeds is dead faith.

While the angels kept checking, innumerable kinds of images appeared on the screen.

Right after all the inspection, heavenly hymns started to resound again. And flower palanquins – which looked slightly less beautiful than the first one – came down from heaven.

Not all the images appeared bad on the screen when the angels inspected. From some pastors and followers, the figure of a man earnestly praying showed up on the screen. And from other pastors and followers, the cross appeared. Perhaps the cross on the screen means that they had ‘only Jesus’ in their hearts, I think.

On the other hand, some people grabbed money (in their heart) on the screen. Don’t you think this is the reality of the churches in Korea? People think about the reality of many churches corrupted and disordered because of money.

However, there were a few who had beautiful figures in their hearts, such as praying, being with Jesus, the cross, sheep, etc.

Angels led (politely with both hands) those, whose images appeared beautiful on the screen, to the right side of Jesus, who sat on the throne in the middle of the square.

Those who were led to the right side of Jesus, like this way, got on the flower palanquins, which had been descended from heaven for the second time.

What an amazing scene!

When Jesus and those who were led to the right side of him got on to the flower palanquins, I had a feeling that everything was all over.

And then, there were booming sounds – three times – ‘Bang! Bang! Bang!’, which sounded like rocket shots.

The flower palanquin of Jesus rose high into the sky with the huge sound, like ground breaking.

After the flower palanquin of Jesus rose high into the sky, the flower palanquins of the saints also rose high into the sky, and followed it.

And then the angels escorted and followed Jesus’ palanquins and the saints’ palanquins.

As the flower palanquins and angels disappeared in the cloud with the sound of holy praise, the doors of heaven just closed.

At the same time, screaming sounds were heard from the ground.

So, I turned back to see what was happening.

Oh my! The ground already turned into a sea of blood. Those who could not get on the flower palanquins were left in the sea of blood.

I didn’t realise how long the tongue of humans was until then. With their tongues reaching out to their chests, they wept bitterly, biting themselves roughly, plucking their hairs, scratching their chests, beating the ground. There was a sea of blood all over the place.

As I was wondering the reason, I saw blue fire rising from the end of the ground and the ground rolling up.

What on earth is that? Later, as I read 2 Peter Chapter 3, I realised the fire was the judgment of God. While God judged the world in the great flood water on the days of Noah, the bible says that on the last day, God will judge this world by fire. Seeing the word of God, ‘The elements will be destroyed by fire, and the earth and everything done in it will be laid bare, Since everything will be destroyed in this way, what kind of people ought you to be?’ (2 Peter 3:10-11)

I realised that what God showed me was the very judgment of fire.

All of you who attend this assembly here today, God will judge you, one by one. 1 Peter 4:17 says, ‘For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God’.

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